Toni started her career branding large scale events in California.  And one of the most important things she learned was that Details Matter, even the smallest ones.  And while other companies may not sweat the small stuff, Toni runs her company on those same principles she learned years ago - every detail, no matter how small, is important when it comes to establishing a company's brand.

Johanna, a talented abstract artist who has sold her work around the world, left her corporate career for something that would give her more creative freedom. Working with “Jo”, you get a balanced blend of business acumen and creativity…which translates into knowing how to save you a few bucks, but make it look like you spent twice as much.

Toni & Jo run CDA Printing as if every client's business was their own, and they understand that those items that you leave behind, or that your employees wear or use every day...can help define your company's brand!